Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

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New Taiwan Dollar Notes and Coins

New Taiwan Dollar Notes and Coins

A new series of New Taiwan Dollar notes started being released from July 3, 2000. Using up-to-date technology to improve quality of notes, the design also has a variety of features to prevent counterfeit and imitation. This series contains 5 denominations: NTD1000, NTD500, NTD100, NTD200 and NTD2000 notes, which are being issued every half a year sequentially. Currently, the New Taiwan Dollar coins in circulation include NTD0.5, NTD1, NTD5, NTD10, NTD20 and NTD50.

Fast economic development in the past decades results in changes in the currency composition, as the public prefers holding cash in larger denomination than in smaller ones to facilitate transaction. At the end of year 2014, the NTD1000 notes constituted 80.22% of the total value of currency in circulation, while NTD500 and NTD 100 notes accounted for 3.99% and 5.30%, respectively.

As the demand for currency is subject to a variety of factors, the Bank closely monitors changes in such demand and plans in advance accordingly to meet the public's needs.