Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

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Press Releases

Foreign Exchange Reserves as of the End of October 2018

Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

PRESS RELEASE                             Release Date:  November 5, 2018               

Foreign Exchange Reserves as of the End of  October 2018

The foreign exchange reserves of the Republic of China amounted to US$460.18 billion as of the end of October 2018, showing a decrease of US$263 million from the figure recorded at the end of the previous month.

The level of foreign exchange reserves showed a modest decrease in October because returns from the management of reserve assets were offset by the depreciation of the euro and other reserve currencies against the US dollar.


Note: The market value of securities investment and the NTD deposits held by foreign portfolio investors at the end of October 2018 reached US$341.2 billion, equivalent to 74% of foreign exchange reserves.


Note: The next dissemination will be made at 16:20 on December 5, 2018;

the advance release calendar can be accessed on our website at: http://www.cbc.gov.tw/np.asp?ctNode=305&mp=1