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Central Bank of the Republic of China


Balance Sheet 2013

Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Balance Sheet

Unit : NT$ Million
Item December 31, 2013 December 31, 2012
Assets 14,311,410 13,371,458
  Foreign Assets 12,658,000 11,901,431
  Due From Domestic Banks 271,039 74,220
  Loans and Accommodations to Financial Institutions  286,898 270,676
  Other Assets 1,095,473 1,125,131
Liabilities and Equity 14,311,410 13,371,458
  Liabilities 13,447,219 12,552,401
    Currency Issued 1,555,992 1,437,529
    Deposits of Financial Institutions 1,570,406 1,469,052
    Certificates of Deposit Issued 6,843,220 6,642,560
    Redeposits of Financial Institutions 2,196,506 2,196,675
    Government Deposits 148,624 167,448
    Other Liabilities 1,132,471 639,137
  Equity 864,191 819,057
  1. Prior to 2013, the annual financial statements of the CBC had been prepared in accordance with the Statements of Financial Accounting Standards in Taiwan. Beginning January 2013, the CBC changed its accounting standards to the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). The figures for 2012 have been adjusted accordingly so they can be compared with those for 2013 on the same basis.
  2. Item description:
    Foreign Assets include gold, deposits with foreign banks, and securities issued by foreign governments & supranational institutions.
    Other Assets include accrued interest receivable, property plant & equipment, and deferred assets.
    Other Liabilities include accrued interest payable, bills and bonds sold under repurchase agreements.
    Equity includes capital, legal reserve, special reserve and retained earnings-unappropriated.