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Central Bank of the Republic of China


Financial Statistics (The concepts and definitions follow the format of the International Financial Statistics )

Notes [Word] [PDF]
  • Page 2[ODS][PDF](Yearly & Quarterly)
  • Page 3[ODS][PDF](Quarterly & Monthly)
    Exchange Rates
    International Liquidity
    Central Bank
    Other Depository Corporations

  • Page 4[ODS][PDF](Yearly & Quarterly)
  • Page 5[ODS][PDF](Quarterly & Monthly)
    Depository Corporations
    Other Financial Corporations
    Financial Corporations
    Monetary Aggregates

  • Page 6[ODS][PDF](Yearly & Quarterly)
  • Page 7[ODS][PDF](Quarterly & Monthly)
    Interest Rates
    Prices, Production and Labor
    International Transaction & Positions
    Balance of Payments

  • Page 8[ODS][PDF](Yearly & Quarterly)
  • Page 9[ODS][PDF](Quarterly & Monthly)
    International Investment Position
    Government Finance
    National Accounts
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