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Central Bank of the Republic of China


Financial Stability Report ( December 2008, Issue No. 2 )

Full Text  [PDF]


About the Financial Stability Report  [PDF]

I. Overview  [PDF]

II. International and domestic economic and financial conditions  [PDF]

      1. International economic and financial conditions  [PDF]

      2. Domestic economic and financial conditions  [PDF]

III. Financial sectors  [PDF]

      3. Financial markets  [PDF]

      4. Financial institutions  [PDF]

  5. Financial infrastructure  [PDF]

IV. Non-financial sectors  [PDF]

      6. Corporate sector  [PDF]

      7. Household sector  [PDF]

      8. Real estate market  [PDF]

Box 1: Key measures to stabilize the financial system and stimulate the economy in major countries  [PDF]

Box 2: Economic Vitalization Package in Taiwan  [PDF]

Box 3: Introduction to fair value accounting standards  [PDF]

Appendix: Financial soundness indicators  [PDF]

Explanatory Notes: Compilation of financial soundness indicators  [PDF]

Abbreviations  [PDF]

Copyright  [PDF]

Attachment(s) for download

  • 16-6-Corporate sectorPDF
  • 17-7-Household sectorPDF
  • 18-8-Real estate marketPDF
  • 20-BOX 2PDF
  • 24-AbbreviationsPDF
  • 19-BOX 1PDF
  • 05-2-Domestic economic and financial conditionsPDF
  • 02-I-OverviewPDF
  • 04-1-International economic and financial conditionsPDF
  • 08-3.1-Money and bond marketsPDF
  • 12-4.1-Deposit-taking institutionsPDF
  • 11-4-Financial institutionsPDF
  • 06-III_Financial sectorsPDF
  • 00-1-Table of contentsPDF
  • 03-II-International and domestic economic and financial conditionsPDF
  • 13-4.2-Non-deposit taking financial institutionsPDF
  • 25-CopyrightPDF
  • 15-IV-Non-financial sectorsPDF
  • 10-3.3-Foreign exchange marketsPDF
  • 22-AppendixPDF
  • 14-5-Financial infraststructurePDF
  • 23-Explanatory notesPDF
  • 01-About the Financial Stability ReportPDF
  • FSR-DEC.2008_No2PDF
  • 21-Box 3PDF
  • 09-3.2-Equity marketsPDF
  • 07-3-Financial marketsPDF
  • 00-0-英文版封面PDF