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Central Bank of the Republic of China


Financial Stability Report ( June 2008, Issue No. 1 )

Full Text  [PDF]


About the Financial Stability Report  [PDF]

I. Overview  [PDF]

II. International and domestic economic and financial conditions  [PDF]

      1. International economic and financial conditions  [PDF]

      2. Domestic economic and financial conditions  [PDF]

III. Financial Developments  [PDF]

      3. Financial markets  [PDF]

      4. Financial institutions  [PDF]

 5. Financial infrastructure-payment and settlement systems  [PDF]

IV. Non-financial sectors  [PDF]

      6. Corporate sector  [PDF]

      7. Household sector  [PDF]

      8. Real estate market  [PDF]

Box 1: Risks to banks engaging in wealth management business  [PDF]

Box 2: Potential impact of Consumer Debt Clearance Act on banks  [PDF]

Box 3: Implementation of Basel II in Taiwan  [PDF]

Appendix: Financial soundness indicators  [PDF]

Explanatory Notes: Compilation of financial soundness indicators  [PDF]

Abbreviations  [PDF]

Copyright  [PDF]

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  • II.1PDF
  • IV.6PDF
  • IV.8PDF
  • box2PDF
  • IV.non_financial_sectorsPDF
  • full_textPDF
  • abbreviationsPDF
  • II.international_and_domestic_economic_and_financial_conditionsPDF
  • box1PDF
  • I.overviewPDF
  • III.financial_sectorPDF
  • III.5PDF
  • Explanatory_notesPDF
  • about_the_financial_stability_reportPDF
  • III.4PDF
  • AppendixPDF
  • IV.7PDF
  • III.3PDF
  • box3PDF