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Central Bank of the Republic of China


Financial Stability Report ( May 2023, Issue No. 17 )

Full Text [PDF]

Table of contents [PDF]

About the Financial Stability Report [PDF]

Abstract [PDF]

I. Overview [PDF]

II. Potentially macro environmental risk factors [PDF]

    2.1 International economic and financial conditions [PDF]

    Box 1 Analysis of recent US and European banking turmoil and the possible effects on Taiwan’s financial system [PDF]

    2.2 Domestic macro environment [PDF]

    2.3 General assessment of international and domestic macro environments [PDF]

III. Financial system assessment [PDF]

    3.1 Financial markets [PDF]

    3.2 Financial institutions [PDF]

    3.3 Financial infrastructure [PDF]

    Box 2 CBC Strategic Plan to Address Climate Change Issues [PDF]

    Box 3 Establishing the Financial Vulneraility Index of Taiwan [PDF]

    3.4 General assessment of Taiwan’s financial system [PDF]

  IV. Measures to promote financial stability [PDF]

    4.1 Measures taken by the Bank and the FSC to promote financial stability [PDF]

    4.2 The Bank will continue to adopt measures to promote financial stability when necessary [PDF]

Appendix: Financial soundness indicators [PDF]

Abbreviations [PDF]

Copyright [PDF]