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Central Bank of the Republic of China


Analytical accounts of the banking sector(Meth)

The Republic of China
Analytical accounts of the banking sector

Summary Methodology

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  1. Analytical Framework, Concepts, Definitions and Classifications

    The items on the balance sheet, based on the IFS format, are classified by sector to separate claims on and liabilities to various sectors. Under this principle, the consolidated assets of financial institutions are divided into "foreign assets", "loans and discounts", "portfolio investments", "claims on financial institutions", "real estate investments", and "cash in vaults". The liabilities are divided into "foreign liabilities", "currency issued", "deposits held by enterprises and individuals", "government deposits", "due to other financial institutions", "bank debentures issued", "TB, CDs & SB issued by CBC", "net worth", and "other items (net)".
  2. Scope of the Data

    All of the data are derived from financial institutions' accounting records.
  3. Accounting Conventions

    The financial institutions' accounting records keep daily data, from which the averages of daily figures, such as the daily average of monetary aggregates, are derived. All foreign currency items are converted to national currency equivalents based on the exchange rates at 10:00 a.m. on the balance sheet date.
  4. Nature of Basic Data

    All of the financial institutions' accounting records are kept by their transaction-related departments. The accounting departments then combine the records and produce the consolidated data.
  5. Compilation Practices

    The "Financial Statistics Monthly", compiled by the CBC, provides time series data and detailed components of deposits, loans and investments.
  6. Other Aspects

    The annual growth rates of monetary aggregates, deposits of major financial institutions (including monetary institutions, the Postal Savings System and Money Market Mutual Funds), loans & investments of major financial institutions are calculated and disseminated.

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