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Compilation Guide On Financial Soundness Indicators (IMF)

The IMF 2019 Financial Soundness Indicators Compilation Guide

The updated Financial Soundness Indicators (FSIs) Compilation Guide, issued by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 2019, consists of 13 chapters that can be divided into 4 parts. Aside from an introduction made in Chapter 1, the main issues addressed by each part are laid out as follows:

Part I Conceptual Framework
Covering Chapters 2 to 6, part I describes the constituents of a typical financial system, discussing Basel capital and liquidity standards, providing the accounting principles, accounting framework and sectoral financial statements required for calculating FSIs, and explaining how data are aggregated and consolidated.

Part II Specification of Financial Soundness Indicators
Covering Chapters 7 to 10, part II provides specific guidance on how to calculate the FSIs for deposit takers, other financial institutions and non-financial sectors.

Part III Compilation and Dissemination of Financial Soundness Indicators
Covering Chapter 11, part III provides an overview of the compilation of FSIs and presents a framework for the dissemination of FSIs.

Part IV Analysis of Financial Soundness Indicators
Covering Chapters 12 and 13, part IV discuss the FSIs-related analysis of statistical characteristics and their application in macroprudential analysis.

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