Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

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Supervisory Process

Supervisory Process

The Bank conducts targeted examinations to ensure the compliance of the Bank's regulations. Supplement to the targeted examinations, the Bank implements off-site monitoring to keep informed of changes in financial institutions and to require appropriate corrective actions in a timely manner.

I. On-site targeted examination

 The Bank may send its teams of examination officers to the financial institution under examination to ensure they comply with the Bank's regulations. Enforcement and remedy actions will be followed based on the findings. When the financial institutions receive the examination reports, they are required to report the improvements and corrections taken within 1 month.

II. Off-site monitoring

The Bank started developing an off-site monitoring system for various types of financial institutions in 1990. Take the domestic banks for example. The CARSEL system uses financial analysis and management accounting as tools to screen periodical report data. The Bank may evaluate a domestic bank’s performance by analyzing its Capital adequacy, Asset quality, Regulatory compliance, Strategies & stability, Earnings, and Liquidity. The off-site monitoring system is an important reference for the Bank's supervisory policies.