Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

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Are there any limitations on foreign investors purchasing government securities?

1.Onshore overseas Chinese and foreign nationals may directly open securities accounts and fund accounts at clearing banks. There are no limitations on outright purchase/sale or repurchase/reverse repurchase of government securities.
2.Offshore overseas Chinese and foreign nationals should get approval from the TWSE and open securities accounts and fund accounts with clearing banks under the name of their custodian institutions. The total amount invested by an offshore overseas Chinese or foreign national in government bonds, corporate bonds, financial bonds, money market instruments, money market funds and other derivatives must not exceed 30% of the net inflow remittance. If, after adding government bonds with maturities over one year that were held prior to 11 November, 2010, the amount exceeds the limit stated above, the bonds may be held to maturity, but no new positions in such bonds are permitted to be added.